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home energy


Millihome energyonaire and coffee plants are indicated to activate the energy of money in your home or office

Jade and aloe plants are recommended to protect your home or office of negative energies

Mirrors can be anywhere in the house or office, as long as they are not facing a window because it will attract the energy you have in place that is being reflected external

Mirrors opposite the bed not conducive to rest, not TVs

Do not sleep surrounded by electrical appliances, do not contribute to health and with good sleep

If you are used to watching TV in her room. Before bed cover it with a decorative shawl or blanket at night or in units with doors empótrelos. Have the same negative effect of mirrors.

Burn incense will help move energies, Sandalwood to clean impurities, Red Roses for love, Spiritual Guide situacionesde nervousness, stress or simply for meditation and relaxation.

To activate the power of money, use in decoration items or accessories that represent money, abundance and prosperity (demonedas Bowl and rice, buddha, elephants)

To activate the energy of love in your home, base your decor in pairs or place objects that symbolize love, couple, romance.

Avoid placing religious images within rooms, have a very strong energy, as well as tables or shelves in the back of the bed. The latter have a negative effect on their health.

Do not put pictures of dead saints or stamps in the rooms are like religious images load very strong energy.

Sleeping under beams is bad for health, punch a wall or round dedry embonado the tips with a lace trim or with wooden sticks and paint them degancho color of your wall. You can also pretend to have in the back of her bed and put a window curtain. The important thing is to hide the beam. What is not there.

Throw away, give away or donate everything old or unused to give input to prosperity and new things.

Discard the plants that are in poor condition, and they received some bad energy and fulfill their protective function. Buy new!